You’ve Made an Offer…Now What?

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You have looked at neighborhoods. You have found your dream house. What now? It is time to write an offer! Once an offer is made there are three possible outcomes – accept, reject or counter. Here is what happens at each stage.

Accept the Offer

If the seller accepts your first offer – fantastic! After sharing the good news, we get right to work and let you know where to send the earnest money and getting the paperwork ready for the Title company. The next step is scheduling the inspection, which is a great time to learn about your new house. The inspection is a perfect time to learn where the water shut-off is, how to access your attic and more. We will lead you through the process and craft an inspection response if needed. After the inspection, we move on to appraisal and schedule your closing. Then it is time to start packing for your move!

Reject the Offer

This response is a bummer but it does not mean that we are done. We can submit another offer if the house is your dream home or we can move on. The choice is entirely yours. We will present options and offers so you can make an informed decision.

Counter the Offer

This is the most likely outcome, as it is common for sellers to have something they want to negotiate on. This could be an aspect as small as your move-in date, but it could be an item of more significance. This is where we at Mera Realty Group helps make the process easier on you. We will negotiate with the seller and keep you informed every step of the way. Communication is key!  From there, the process continues until we get an accepted offer.

We have seen each of the outcomes numerous times throughout our time in real estate. We will lead you through the process and get you moved in to your new home!

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